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With for Publishers, you can generate revenue from 💰 your chatbots using our no-code tools and services 🙌.  The following outlines how to integrate Eyelevel agents, tutorials, best practices and rules regarding the Eyelevel platform.

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This guide is for Chatbot Publishers & Makers - developers, owners, and operators who are interested in generating revenue from chatbots, virtual agents and messaging applications.


Today we enable two forms of monetization:

  1. Advertisements that generate commission by the click; which pays out directly. We call these Ad Agents. It's common in the advertising industry to refer to these as Performance Campaigns. 

  2. Sponsored Campaigns that generate brand awareness. These involve a brand or a business receiving featured placements within your chatbot.  Sponsorships are available on a case by case basis, more information can be found in our blog postings. 


Integrating the For Publishers platform into your chatbot is the first step towards earning revenue. Once you’ve signed up and created your account you'll choose what you'd like to publish and how you would prefer to monetize and earn money. Follow the simple instructions on how to implement.

Blog Tutorials found here. 

Video Tutorials found here. And hereAnd most importantly HERE!

Sometimes we refer to for Publishers as "EL4P". We are also formerly known as 


  • A minimum of one production chatbot with users. If you don’t have one today, we have Chatfuel chatbot templates we can give you, to help you get started now. Just email us.

  • A Paypal account so we can pay you, more on this later.

  • A way for us to contact you if we need to. Email and Messenger are perfect. You can always reach us at

  • Familiarize yourself with Facebook's Terms of Use and most current policies regarding the use of Facebook Messenger. Use of our platform in no way exempts you from following their rules and policies. 

Quick Reference

Follow this quick reference to go from account creation to generating revenue in minutes.


  1. Create a for Publishers account via email or Facebook ID. If you’re using email to create your account, remember to verify your email account and check spam folders if you haven’t received an email from us after creating your account.

  2. Supply your PayPal account information. We will send your commissions Net 30 of each month, paying out the total commissions generated from the previous month. For detailed info on payments please review our Payments blog post. 

  3. Create an Agent, name your agent and as a best practice select a name that describes where within your chatbot the agent is placed. 

  4. Integrate the Agent with your chatbot. We provide pre-formatted integrations & bindings with Chatfuel, ManyChat, NodeJS & REST.

  5. Place your Agents where your users will easily find and interact with the
    We recommend two placements to start for every chatbot. There are video tutorials at the bottom of this page. Learn more here.

    Placement #1:
    In the Main Menu aka the Persistent Menu,
    place your Ad Agent there and label it 
    [  🎉Surprise Me 👀] or [ 👉Meet my Friends 👈] 

    Placement #2:
    When your users unsubscribe from your chatbot
    , place an agent directly before the unsubscribe service so you present the user with an opportunity to engage with sponsored content prior to churning. Include a message that adds context.
    [Example] "Before you go take a look at this, special just for you {{first name}}"


  6. Test out your end-user experience by interacting with your Agents and clicking on the content that gets displayed.
    Once you've integrated an agent, test that it is working, that you are posting the correct user attributes and also test to see that when you click on an ad you are seeing commission generated and updated within the earnings dashboard.


  7. Check your revenue earnings 💰💰

  8. Our reporting updates every 15 minutes. Our system totals earnings by the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and 12 months. We also summarize earnings to date in the year. For additional information on earnings and payments please visit our terms of use

Chatbot Monetization Persistant Menu Placemtent of a Native Ad for branded chatbots
Making Money with Chatbot, Monetization, Unsubscribe, Placement,

 Menu Placement 

 Unsubscribe Placement 

 Revenue Analytics for Publishers Documentation


Agents are what we supply to you, so you may generate revenue from user traffic and engagement. You place Agents within your chatbot and when users engage with those agents, you make money 💰💰  


Advertisement Agents

Ad Agents are filled with sponsored content. The platform curates which types of content and what to show your users. See a great example here.


Advertising campaigns are ongoing promotional engagements between and our customers. As an publisher, you have the ability to select which type of campaigns you wish to show your users. 


Types of Sponsored Content include but are not limited to:

  1. Branded Chatbots 🤖📲that wish to acquire your users - see an example here.

  2. Games 🕹that want to acquire users.

  3. Landing pages 🖥for businesses who want to acquire customers and users.

  4. Mobile App 📲Download pages - see an example here.


Choosing which types of sponsored content is shown within your chatbot:

The majority of our sponsored content is Chatbots that want to acquire new chatbot users. Regardless, if there are specific types of content you don't want or specific chatbots you don't want to promote please let us know. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  


**PRO TIP** 

Implement multiple agents with specific conversational flows that lead to specific ad content. That way your users can interact with more than one ad. 


Integrating Agents


Two Important Concepts 

  1. How to integrate
    We provide instructions on how to integrate an agent and make it simple by preformatting as much as possible. 

  2. Where to place the integration
    We provide suggestions and best practices, but ultimately this is your decision. It is a best practice to place agents in relevant sections of your chatbot. Utilizing the main menu as a location for sponsored content is a great place to start. We advise reviewing the types of campaigns that are running and building unique, relevant conversational flows that lead a user to specific campaigns.

    1. EXAMPLE: If you find a health and fitness campaign, implement that agent and write a specific flow that allows your users to find it only if they've demonstrated an interest in that category or niche. You can ask a user if they care about staying fit and provide buttons "yes" "maybe" "no". If a user answers Yes then you can share the ad with them. If no, move them along into another flow. 


How to Integrate:

Today we have 4️⃣ pre-formatted,  easy to use integrations. 


Below you will find a list with hyperlinks to tutorials, of our current integrations and bindings.

If you would like an additional integration please email to request. 


Please Note: for Publishers targeting engine requires 3️⃣mandatory end-user attributes to target effectively. Those are:

  1. Locale

  2. Time Zone

  3. Gender


As a best practice when using ManyChat, simply post FULL SUBSCRIBER DATA  or in Chatfuel post FULL JSON PROFILE​




  1. Chatfuel plugin

  2. Manychat plugin

  3. Node.js

  4. REST


parameters: JSON in body



Formatting for body


“first name”: STRING,

“last name”: STRING,

“gender”: ENUM STRING,

“locale”: ENUM STRING,

“timezone”: ENUM STRING,


Where to Place the Integration:

Where you Place an agent is extremely important and will ultimately impact how much money you’re able to make. It will also greatly diminish or enhance the experience of your end user. 


Minimum Placements: We advise all our network partners to, at a minimum, Place an agent in two specific sections of the chatbot. A tutorial can be found here. 


1. Persistent Menu: Ad Agents work great in the persistent menu.

Label the button 🎉Surprise Me 👀or 👉Meet my Friends 👈 Feel free to get creative depending on the type of chatbot or the type of audience your chatbot interacts with. 

We've created some example recordings that can be found here & here.


2. When a user unsubscribes from your chatbot.

Why not share monetization content prior to a user leaving you forever?

Make sure you place the agent before the unsubscribe SDK or block so you're able to target the users correctly. We've actually observed many users who unsubscribe but are actually retained because the content was of interest, so a user will engage with the ad content and resubscribe. Win Win!!!

You can see an example towards the end of this recording

2. Get Creative!

We allow our publishers to select which offers they want to promote and provide 100% transparency into what the campaign is, how much it pays and which users it's targeting. This allows you, the publisher to get creative in where you place your sponsored content. We encourage you to use sponsored content just like anything else in your chatbot, the more native and natural the better. More here. 

💰💰Earning Money & Getting Paid 💰💰

The best part and also the most simple. 🙌


Ad Agents: 

Earning Money: You will earn 💰every time a Unique Chatbot User Clicks an Ad served by the Publisher platform. The money earned will be credited to the account that provisioned the Ad Agent. You can check your earnings report at any time to see how much money you've made. 


Getting Paid: We pay 30 days after the month ends. We try and pay earlier, but as a policy, we have 30 days to pay you after the month comes to an end. We pay by Paypal. If you have a preferred method of payment, feel free to contact us at


We only pay for clicks from the previous month, so if you signed up on the first of December you won't be paid until the first week of January. 


We reserve the right to withhold payment if we observe evidence of click fraud or general manipulation of a campaign and/or our APIs. We also reserve the right to withhold payment when a partner is due $10.00 or less. In most cases, we will pay that out but it's important to know we expect our partners to generate substantial revenue. 

How Much We Pay: We pay anywhere between $0.00001 and $2.00 per click. You only earn money on the unique clicks, not repeated clicks. As a rule, we pay the most for USA users. USA users that click ads will earn you the most money. 

How to maximize your earnings: 

  • USA based users pay the best!

  • The amount earned per click may change throughout the month, week and even day. This is because the advertiser is paying less or not paying at all. 

  • We can not guarantee you'll earn money if you aren't sharing basic user attributes with our Platform back end. 

  • Contact us at for the latest tutorials and tips. 

In order to receive your earnings from us you must provide us with appropriate IRS forms. We try and make this as easy as possible.  

Without completed and signed IRS Forms, you risk a delay in your payment or even worse, not getting paid at all. 

Here are the links to the forms you must complete.

Please remember to fill them out and email them to us 


How to Not Get Paid 😳


We want you to make lots of money. We want you to build amazing chatbots and digital assistants. We want to pay you. When you make money we're doing our job right. Your users are happy and our adverting partners are happy. 

So please, don't do stupid stuff.


If you're even thinking about doing something stupid, don't, we know you're doing it. We built the platform knowing people would try and defraud us. So please don't be one of them. 


We reserve the right to withhold payments when your agents or chatbots are flagged for abnormal behavior. If we determine that you or others have broken the rules found in our terms of use agreement, we will cancel your account and apologize to the advertisers on your behalf. 


The best way to ensure you'll make money using our platform is to use it the way it was meant to be used. Build something amazing. Get lots of users. Make those users love your product so much that they're excited to see the promotional content you've decided to share with them.


If you have any questions at all, please refer to our terms of use or get in contact with us at


Thank you.  

 Video Tutorials

Learn how to use as a default intent when your user asks something not recognized 🔥🔥🔥
Learn about the two most effective  ad placements. 👉👉👉

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